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Project Renaissance

Project Renaissance

In 2011, the city adopted a community-development Master Plan for the Georgetown area of Dunwoody. The Master Plan prioritizes taking a proactive approach to the redevelopment of two key areas – a 16-acre property and a 19-acre property.  In 2011, the city purchased the 16-acre property and signed a contract for a multi-year installment purchase of the 19-acre property (the full purchase was completed in 2013).

In March 2012, the city launched Project Renaissance – A New Georgetown which is a redevelopment initiative to implement the community-developed Master Plan and find a private-sector partner for a catalytic redevelopment of the 16-acre and 19-acre properties.


Current Phase – Construction: 16-acre Property
After the approval of a site-plan specific rezoning in September 2012, the city transferred the 16-acre property to the Urban Redevelopment Agency  to oversee the implementation of the Urban Redevelopment Plan  and the sale of the lots for the home construction. Of the 68 homes planned for construction on the 16-acre property, 31 have been sold to the developer and are in varying stages of construction.

The city has also completed the construction of the park areas and multi-use trail. In April 2014, the city celebrated the grand opening of Georgetown Park (two park areas on the 16-acre property) and is preparing for construction of Pernoshal Park (the 5-acre park on the 19-acre property). 

Next Phase – Construction: 19-acre Property
The city will begin construction on the 19-acre property in June.


Georgetown Park

April 2015 – The sixth closing transferred 5 lots (for a total of 34 sold) from the URA to the developer.  The developer is on schedule according to the annual payment schedule in the development agreement.  The next closing is will occur by July 2015.  



Project Renaissance Construction Update 
Project Renaissance Overview Handout

Michael Starling
Economic Development Director