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Chamblee Dunwoody/Womack Road Intersection Improvement Plan

The primary objective of the proposed intersection improvement project is to improve efficiency and safety of west bound vehicles as they approach the intersection.


Currently westbound drivers have only one lane on Womack Road approaching the intersection. This single lane serves the left, right, and through movement. As such a vehicle waiting to turn left must yield to oncoming traffic, thus causing a backup to other drivers. Similarly, if there is a queue of vehicles on Chamblee Dunwoody Road northbound, a vehicle cannot safely merge into the queue without blocking traffic.

This proposed layout adds a left turn lane along Womack Road to provide a safe location for vehicles turning left onto Chamblee Dunwoody Road. The proposed design also improves the sight distance of this right turn by re-grading the slope and reconfiguring the retaining wall at the AT&T building in the south east quadrant of this intersection.

Throughout the project limits, roadway drainage will be improved by adding a closed drainage network. This network travels down the west side of Chamblee Dunwoody Road to tie into the existing drainage network. As a result, the sidewalk along the west side of Chamblee Dunwoody Road will be upgraded to meet current ADA standards and will effectively match the recent sidewalk project on the east side.

After the July 2020 public comment period, the concept plan will be presented to the city council before moving into the final design phase.  The project will likely be considered for construction funding in the city’s 2021 or 2022 budget.  

Click here to link to detailed project plans.

concept plan map shows the roads involved in the project
Overall Concept Plan
closeup of intersection plan for Womack/Chamblee Dunwoody
Intersection Plan
sidewalk improvement plan on chamblee dunwoody road
Sidewalk Improvement Plan
another section of sidewalk improvement plan
Sidewalk Improvement Plan 2
No right turn sign on Womack Road
No right turn sign on Womack Road