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Winters Chapel Corridor Multiuse Trail

Winters Chapel Multiuse Trail Design

The city is currently designing a 12' wide multiuse trail along the west side of Winters Chapel Road between Dunwoody Club Drive and Peeler Road. 

This corridor is located within the jurisdictions of two cities, Peachtree Corners and Dunwoody.  A joint study, "Peachtree Corners – Dunwoody:  Winters Chapel Road Area Study", was adopted by both cities in April 2015. 


side-by-side illustration of intersection
Project Updates

Dunwoody completed sidewalk construction in 2017 along the east side of Winters Chapel Road from Dunwoody Club Drive to the Peachtree Corners sidewalk at the northern city limit.

Dunwoody is currently preparing construction plans for the section of trail between Charmant Drive and Dunwoody Club Drive. Construction is expected to occur in 2020.


Public Works