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Sidewalk Construction

Since 2009, the city has constructed over 11.0 miles of new sidewalk infrastructure, making Dunwoody a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable community for all.

 Recently completed sidewalks: 

  • Dunwoody Club Drive near Winters Chapel Road
  • Roberts Drive at he new Austin Elementary School
  • Mount Vernon at Vermack Road 

Sidewalks currently under construction: 

  • Tilly Mill Road (west side) between N. Peachtree Road and Womack Road 
  • Peeler Road (south side) between Equestrian Way and N. Peachtree Road

Future sidewalk projects that are currently being designed include:

  • Winters Chapel Shared Use Path (west side) between Charmant Place and Dunwoody Club Drive
  • North Shallowford (west side) at Chamblee Dunwoody Road
  • Spalding Drive (east side) between Chamblee Dunwoody Road and Coronation Drive as part of the intersection improvement project
  • Mount Vernon Road (south side) at Tilly Mill as part of the intersection improvement project

For information on any of these upcoming sidewalk projects, contact Ishri Sankar at


overhead view of neighborhood streets
Recent Updates

Utility relocation is underway for the sidewalk project along Tilly Mill Road between North Peachtree Road and Womack Road.

Peeler Road sidewalk project is in the bidding phase.



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