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Mount Vernon Road Infrastructure Improvements

Ashford Dunwoody Road to Vernon Oaks Drive

DeKalb County is embarking on an aggressive rehabilitation program to address the aging water pipelines within Dunwoody and throughout the county.  A portion of the essential water main infrastructure improvements made by DeKalb County will take place on Mount Vernon Road between Ashford Dunwoody Road and Vernon Oaks Drive.

The Mount Vernon project will involve the replacement of two aging water mains with one new 16-inch diameter main.  These required infrastructure improvement efforts by the county are not only necessary but critical for the maintenance and quality of Dunwoody’s water system.

These crucial infrastructure improvements present the city with an opportunity to make much needed road surface and pedestrian improvements along the Mount Vernon Road corridor.  Subsequent to the installation of the new water main, the city will resurface this entire section of Mount Vernon Road and also construct new sidewalks on the south side of Mount Vernon Road between Dunwoody Village Parkway and Vernon Oaks Drive.   

In an effort to streamline the sequencing of these improvements, the City of Dunwoody will coordinate with the county and the contractor to perform these tasks.   

The DeKalb County water main is located along the south side of Mount Vernon Road, adjacent to existing curb and sidewalks. The majority of the water main replacement work will primarily run along the east-bound traffic lanes.  To minimize the traffic impacts much of the new main will be installed on the south shoulder of the road east of Dunwoody Village which will necessitate some tree removal.  Periodically, traffic will be reduced to one lane to allow for loading and unloading materials and to ensure the safety of the drivers and the construction crew.

Access to local businesses and residential roads and driveways will be maintained throughout the construction process. 

The city will also work with the contractor to limit potential disruptions to resident and commuter schedules and minimize potential impacts to traffic operations on Mount Vernon Road. Most of the construction will occur on weekdays and lane closures will be limited to the hours of 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Night work is not anticipated due to the number of residences directly adjacent to the project.

Project Updates

Changes Coming to Nandina Lane & Mount Vernon Road Intersection

The Mt. Vernon Road - Nandina Lane intersection is being modified to a “Right-turn-in/Right-turn-out only” configuration and once completed, drivers will no longer have the option to make left turns off Mt. Vernon onto Nandina.  This change is designed to address safety of drivers as well as pedestrians at this section of road. Work begins on May 31, 2016.

Left turns in and out of roads, businesses or developments are generally the most problematic movements for drivers. Increased traffic volume over the past five-plus years, coupled with a condensed left turn lane distance approaching the intersection of Mt. Vernon and Chamblee Dunwoody, have raised safety issues for drivers along Mt. Vernon Rd. (both east and westbound). One way to address safety impacts is to eliminate left turns and restrict access to a “Right-turn-in/Right-turn-out only” configuration.  Turning restrictions are particularly important when the access points are relatively close to existing intersections, as Nandina Lane is to Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.

The improvement should also help address safer pedestrian crossings by offering a refuge island at Nandina Lane and reduce points of conflict for crossing pedestrians through the elimination of left turns.



The water main pipe replacement and sidewalk construction along Mount Vernon Road has been completed and work crews have paved the section of Mount Vernon Road from Ashford Dunwoody Road east to Vernon Oaks Drive. 

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