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Womack Road at Vermack Road

The intersection at Womack Road and Vermack Road has been identified in the city’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan as a priority due to its current poor level of service. The Womack Road and Vermack Road intersection currently faces traffic flow and safety challenges that are projected to further deteriorate if no improvements are made.

Improvements to the level of service and pedestrian safety, including the addition of sidewalks and enhanced crosswalks have all been identified as objectives for this project. 

In 2012, the city held a public meeting and considered both a roundabout and traffic signal alternative to improve the intersection.

Current Phase – Concept Consideration

City staff has been investigating additional alternatives as well as modifications to those already proposed. 

traffic circle concept


November 12, 2012 - Council asked staff to continue to evaluate the roundabout and traffic signal alternatives.

October 29, 2012 - After considering the benefits and challenges, Council removed funding for future design work for this intersection project from the FY 2013 Budget. 


Public Works