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Chamblee Dunwoody Road Infrastructure Improvements

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Chamblee Dunwoody, from Cambridge Drive to Womack Road, has been identified in the City of Dunwoody’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan as a high priority in terms of adding pedestrian and bicycle improvements. As outlined in the Comprehensive Transportation Plan, the city adopted a Complete Streets Policy, which promotes providing access for all transportations modes including pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, as well as cars along major routes through the city.

Chamblee Dunwoody Road, from Cambridge Drive to Womack Road, has no bicycle facilities and when sidewalk is available, it is only on the west side of the road.  The proposed improvements aim to remedy these deficiencies by widening the road to accommodate bicycle lanes in both directions and a sidewalk on the east side of the road.  Existing stormwater ditches will be replaced with stormwater pipes, curb, and gutter.

This project will also incorporate the replacement of DeKalb County’s water main replacement between Cambridge Drive and Roberts Drive.  This important utility project, designed and funded by DeKalb County, will replace the aging water main, which provides water service throughout Dunwoody.  Once all of these improvements are made to Chamblee Dunwoody Road, this section of roadway will then be resurfaced.

Current Project Phase – Construction

In an effort to reduce construction duration and minimize project costs, the City of Dunwoody will be undertaking this project on two separate fronts.   The water main work on the northern end of the project (between Womack Road and Roberts Drive) has been awarded to GS Construction and will occur concurrently with shoulder work on the southern end of the project (between Cambridge Drive and Womack Road) awarded to Georgia Development Partners through the city's on-call services contract.   

To receive email updates on this project, send an email to with "Chamblee Dunwoody Road Improvements" in the subject line.  


Summer 2016

Construction work on the water main pipe replacement and road improvements project along Chamblee Dunwoody Road is underway.

In an effort to reduce construction duration and minimize project costs, the City of Dunwoody is coordinating the project over two sections:  

From Roberts Drive to Womack Road

  • The water line portion of the project extending from Roberts Drive to Womack Road is 95% complete.
  • It is anticipated that resurfacing of the road will start this summer.


From Womack Road to Cambridge Drive

  • The northern half (Womack Road to Eidson Hall Drive) of the bike lane and sidewalk improvements are 70% complete.
  • An additional crew is starting to install the storm sewer system from Shadow Bend heading north to Kings Down Road.
  • A new water line will begin installation in June from Womack Road to Cambridge Drive.
  • Drainage improvements and sidewalk between Cambridge Drive and Womack Road are expected to be completed in Fall 2016. 
  • Paving on this section will occur in the Spring of 2017. 


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