Park Construction

Dunwoody Nature Center: Entranceway Improvements

Dunwoody has a whole new gateway to the great outdoors

Dunwoody Nature Center: Entranceway Improvements
Through the Facilities Improvement Partnership Program, the Council approved the Dunwoody Nature Center’s request to transform the main entranceway at the Dunwoody Nature Center into an ADA accessible entranceway.

The planned improvements will not only improve the usability and safety of the parking lot but also reduce the localized flooding that occurs around the current entranceway, and improve general aesthetics and make the Dunwoody Nature Center even more welcoming for all park-goers.

Current Project Phase
The City is preparing to bid out the construction of the entranceway improvements. The City Council will likely award the construction contract before the end of 2014. 

Next Project Phase: Construction
Working with the Dunwoody Nature Center’s busy program and class schedule, the renovation is planned to take place in December and January when the fewest classes and programs will be disrupted by the construction. 

Front view of Dunwoody Nature Center main building