Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture Master Plan

Create Dunwoody: Advancing Arts, Culture & Community

Arts, culture, placemaking, and strong connectivity are key contributors to a high quality of life in the city. The Create Dunwoody Arts + Cultural Master Plan presents a vision for arts, culture, and placemaking in Dunwoody that seeks to make the best use of the city’s resources and organizations to meet the needs of residents, businesses, visitors, and workers. Key considerations in crafting Dunwoody’s arts and cultural vision and specific recommendations include:

• What organizational structure and collaborative models are best for supporting the sharing of ideas, plans, and resources?

• How can a plan for arts and culture recognize the City’s progress in the last decade and propel quality of life forward?

• How can Dunwoody carve a place for itself in the region with respect to arts and culture while honoring its unique character and traditions?

• As the City makes longer-term planning decisions about the use of the old Austin School and other properties, how can this plan support and inform those initiatives?

• How can this plan grow the pool of funders and increase available resources for arts and culture? OVERVIEW These questions embody the core concerns and aspirations of arts and culture in Dunwoody and the recommendations presented in this section address these questions while embodying four key principles: 1. Support and celebrate what makes Dunwoody unique 2. Encourage collaboration 3. Create clarity and transparency 4. Celebrate one Dunwoody


People gathered in a Dunwoody park for a concert