Permits Required

All construction activities in the city require a permit through the Community Development Department.

NOTICE: The Community Development Department is temporarily suspending the requirement to have permit applications notarized until such a time as City Hall reopens. All permits and applications that have been submitted without notarization will be required to be notarized retroactively when City Hall reopens.

NOTICE: Dec. 9, 2019: 180-day moratorium Dunwoody Village Overlay

The permitting and subsequent inspection process ensures that all construction is done safely and in accordance with the adopted codes. Permit Required Checklist

Plan Review
Most major projects require plan review such as new construction, additions, deck replacement, land disturbance, retaining walls, swimming pools, permanent signs, and fire sprinklers. Please upload digital copy of plans when submitting.

Many projects will require the review and approval by outside agencies, such as DeKalb County, which may add to the overall process time. These reviews should be accounted for in your development schedule. 

The city also provides permits online for projects that do not require plan review such as single-family residential interior renovations, residential interior demolition, plumbing (such as water heater replacements), and temporary signs.

Not sure if you need a permit or if your permit will require plan review? Please call us at (678) 382-6800. Or you can reach DeKalb County Department of Planning and Sustainability at (404) 371-4915. 

Online Permit Applications:

1. Construction/Demolition Permit

2. Land Disturbance Permit

3. Sign Permit

4. Trade Components  (stand-alone project such as water heater, air conditioning, or furnace replacement)

5. Tree Removal Permit Application

6. Special Events

Other Permit Applications - Download, Complete, and Email to

1. Backyard Chickens

2. Construction Noise Exception

3. Fence and Wall Agreement Form (Please also fill out Minor Site Work application that is included after the Fence and Wall information)

4. Minor Site Work Permit

5. Roofing (commercial only)

6. Solar Panel Installation

7. Sub-Contractor  (projects with a General Contractor and an issued building permit)

8. Final Plat Review Application

9. Preliminary Plat Application

10. Pre-Application Review Application

11. OTC Inspections Checklist

12. Filming

13. Temporary Outdoor Restaurant Operations

When applying for a permit as a homeowner, please upload the Homeowner Declaration form to the application.

Permit Fees
Permit fees are based on construction valuation. The city calculates the construction valuation based on the floor area of the project and a pre-determined cost per square foot based on the type of construction. Please call (678) 382-6800 to learn more about estimating your fees or check out the Fee Schedule page.

Certificate of Occupancy or Completion
To obtain a Certificate of Occupancy or Completion, please email a picture of the permit card to

Home Improvement & Safety

Homeowners should also pay close attention to working with licensed contractors.

Without the help and guidance of a licensed professional, some homeowners take on added risks and liabilities, especially when the quality or design of the project does not meet with safety requirements within the allowable and adopted codes.

For more on this subject, please see a recent news article published in the April 20, 2016 edition of the Dunwoody Crier.

All construction activities in the city require a permit through the Community Development Department, which provides permitting and subsequent inspection measures designed to help the homeowner through the process.

Not sure if you need a permit or if your permit will require plan review? Please call us at (678) 382-6800.