Monday, February 25, 2019

Dunwoody Mayor and City Council Vote to Oppose Bills That Limit Local Control

Georgia House Bill 302 and Senate Bill 172 would remove the ability of local governments, like Dunwoody, to set their own quality standards for single-family homes.

Dunwoody, GA – February 25, 2019 – Dunwoody’s Mayor and City Council voted unanimously Monday night to oppose Georgia House Bill 302 and Senate Bill 172, which would prevent local governments from enforcing and regulating building design elements for residential homes.

Design elements covered by the bill for one or two-family dwellings would include the following:

  • Exterior building color
  • Type or style of exterior cladding material
  • Style or materials of roof structures or porches
  • Exterior nonstructural architectural ornamentation
  • Location or architectural styling of windows and doors, including garage doors
  • The number and types of rooms
  • The interior layout of rooms
  • Types of foundation structures approved under state minimum standard codes.

Dunwoody Council Member Lynn Deutsch introduced a resolution respectfully requesting that the General Assembly oppose the bill. The Council voted unanimously to approve the resolution during Monday night’s City Council Meeting.

“We do not take this decision lightly. Most housing in the City of Dunwoody would be impacted by this,” said Council Member Deutsch. “This is an issue of local control. We have set minimum building standards that protect the safety of our residents and enhance the quality of construction.”

HB 302 was introduced by Georgia State Rep. Vance Smith (R-Pine Mountain). The Senate companion bill is SB 172.

Council Member Pam Tallmadge encouraged concerned residents to e-mail lawmakers who are backing the bill.

“This is an encroachment that is unbelievable to me,” added Dunwoody Mayor Denis Shortal. “We became a city to keep decisions close to home. This bill strips us of the rights to keep Dunwoody the way the citizens want it.”

The legislation would not apply to state or federal historic districts, mobile homes or homes governed by a neighborhood associations or covenants.

The City Council plans to forward the resolution opposing the bills to the Dunwoody legislative delegation.

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About the City of Dunwoody, Georgia

Dunwoody is located in metro Atlanta, in northern DeKalb County, Georgia and was officially incorporated as a city on December 1, 2008. The City of Dunwoody provides quality service to its citizens and supports the largest economic engine in the Southeast by planning in a careful and thoughtful manner. The City of Dunwoody is inventive, transparent and embraces responsible progress, tempered by the city’s rich history and strong desire to maintain a close and vibrant community atmosphere that values family life and the entrepreneurial spirit. The City of Dunwoody supports and nurtures a community dedicated to the preservation of family, education, religious institutions, and the environment. 


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