Thursday, February 07, 2013

Dunwoody Moves Forward With Construction Of Brook Run Park Multi-Use Trail

By City of Dunwoody


Dunwoody, GA – February 7, 2013

The City of Dunwoody is moving forward with construction of phase one of the Brook Run Park multi-use trail and anticipates on-site work to commence in February 2013.  Phase one of the multi-use trail is three-quarters of a mile long and will be part of a larger 3.3 mile long trail network.  The trail is designed as both a recreational amenity and to promote connectivity between city parks, neighborhoods, and area businesses.

The City recently conducted a pre-construction trail assessment along with the general contractor, including a site walk-through and field adjustment as a key component of the final trail design. The assessment is a final step prior to construction normally performed after surveying and before site alterations.

Several trail updates and enhancements were established as a result of the final trail walk through. The city’s arborist and engineering team:


  • Identified 84 trees which will not be removed.  This reduces the total amount of trees to be cleared along the trail site to 253 trees – a reduction of approximately 25 percent.
  • Specified no trees above 25 inches in diameter will be removed.  Of the 253 trees planned for removal:
    • 35 are Pine trees
    • 62 are hardwoods with a diameter less than 6 inches
    • 111 hardwoods between 6 inches and 13 inches in diameter
    • 45 hardwoods between 13 inches and 25 inches in diameter
  • Determined 50 percent of the trail will follow the general path of the existing asphalt trail.  Over 50 percent of the new trail will be an enhancement of the existing asphalt trail and not run into new areas of the park.
  • Verified compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The trail design adheres to requirements within the ADA regarding the width and design loads for the 12-foot wide concrete trail.  The trail’s design allows for safe entrance and passage of emergency vehicles and maintenance equipment.
  • Established trail design meets industry trail sharing and safety guidelines.  The new trail will be 12-feet wide to accommodate maximum and safe use of the trail allowing two feet for each pedestrian and four feet for cyclists in both directions and two bikers and two walkers to pass each other without conflict.   To establish consistency, the entire planned 3.3 mile trail network will be a uniform 12-foot wide path, with the exception of a 200 yard section which will be narrower to accommodate infrastructure requirements within the new neighborhoods along the 16-acre site.

Brook Run Park is the largest park in Dunwoody with a total of 102 acres and an estimated 60 acres of wooded park space, including an estimated 12,000 trees.  The pre-construction trail assessment determined phase one of the multi-use trail would only affect approximately two percent of the trees in the park.

“We are confident this multi-use trail will become an amenity used by many City residents,” said Dunwoody Mayor Mike Davis. “The trail construction is in line with our parks master plan and speaks to the community’s vision for connectivity and the importance of providing walking, jogging, strolling and biking connections between our neighborhoods, parks, schools, and commercial areas.”

For more information regarding the City of Dunwoody please contact Bob Mullen, Marketing and PR Director, at 678-382-6700 or

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