Dunwoody Village Master Plan

The 165-acre Dunwoody Village study area sits at the crossroads of Mount Vernon Road and Chamblee Dunwoody Road in the western part of the City of Dunwoody.

Primarily a commercial district, the Dunwoody Village is surrounded on all sides by very stable single-family communities.

The Dunwoody Village Master Plan envisions and outlines how the Dunwoody Village can thrive as a true “Village” that is vibrant, sustainable, and economically viable while maintaining its quaintness, charm, and link to the area’s history.

Key Components of the Dunwoody Village Master Plan:

For questions or more information about the Dunwoody Village Master Plan, please contact City Planner, John Olson, AICP, at 678-382-6811 or john.olson@dunwoodyga.gov.       

Dunwoody Village Overlay

The City of Dunwoody conducted a survey on the Dunwoody Village Overlay to get input on the future of this area. 
Results of the survey were presented at a community meeting on Saturday, August 25th where participants dropped by to view the survery results, discuss the data collected with city staff and consultants, provide design ideas and thoughts to an architect who then loosly sketched out ideas into potential rough concepts, and provided additional comments on comment cards. All input from the survey and community meeting will be included in the presentation and final report delivered to the City Planning Commission as well as at upcoming City Council Meetings.
To view the results of the survey, please click the following link: Dunwoody Village Overlay Community Survey Results