Create and View Maps

The city integrates geographic content with internal business systems and provides interactive tools that are available to employees and citizens/residents. Our focus is on providing GIS/Map products and services that are usable and useful.

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  •  SmartMap - Interactive map to retrieve property information like address and zoning. You can also view a variety of other map layers and use tools like Identify, Measure, and Geolocation.  You can also mark up and print your own maps.
  • City Boundaries - Use this Google map to get an idea if you are in Dunwoody or another City. SmartMap contains the official City of Dunwoody address database. 
  • DeKalb Parcel Viewer - Interactive Parcel map by DeKalb County
  • Dunwoody DIRECT - Interactive Repair Enhancement Construction and Traffic (DIRECT).


  • Map Downloads

Dunwoody Zoning Map

Dunwoody Street Map

Basic Map of Dunwoody

Dunwoody Neighborhoods