Speed Monitoring Trailer

The speed monitoring trailer is one tool the Dunwoody Police Department uses to combat the problem of speeding.

The speed monitoring trailer is a portable device which measures the speed of cars as they approach and flashes the driver's speed as they pass the trailer. The trailer utilizes a computer which collects data that can be analyzed to identify the severity of the speeding problem and the worst times for speeding. This helps the department deploy limited resources more efficiently.

A speed monitoring trailer can aid in making drivers more aware of exactly how fast they are going. While traffic enforcement through visible patrols and traffic citations remains an important component of our overall traffic safety strategy, the use of the speed monitoring trailer bolsters the Police Department’s efforts to reduce speeding through education and awareness.

You can request the placement of the speed monitoring trailer in your neighborhood by filling out a Speed Monitoring Trailer Request Form. Due to the high volume of requests for the speed monitoring trailer, placements will occur in the order in which requests are received.

Speed Monitoring Trailer Results


08-17-20 Happy Hollow Road at Kingsland Court (NB)

08-17-20 Happy Hollow Road at Kingsland Court (SB)

08-05-20 5257 Manhasset Cove (NB) (Radar Recorder)

07-17-20 1630 Manhasset Drive (EB) (Radar Recorder)

07-01-20 Tilly Mill Road at Spring Mill Cove (NB)

06-17-20 5403 Brooke Farm Drive (NB) (Radar Recorder)

06-16-20 1642 Chateau Drive (WB) (Radar Recorder)

06-16-20 Dunwoody Knoll at Gallery Court (EB)

06-09-20 1642 Chateau Drive (WB) (Radar Recorder)

06-09-20 Dunwoody Knoll at Gallery Court (EB)

06-02-20 5114 Vermack Road (NB) (Radar Recorder)

06-02-20 5114 Vermack Road (SB) (Radar Recorder)

04-28-20 Dunwoody Club Drive at Waterford Drive (Radar Recorder)

04-28-20 Tilly Mill Road at Cobb Drive (Radar Recorder)

03-20-20 Cambridge Drive at Courtleigh Drive (WB)

03-02-20 Wickford Way at Cedarhurst Drive (SB)

02-28-20 Roberts Drive at Verdon Drive (Radar Recorder)

02-28-20 Roberts Drive at Glenrich Drive (Radar Recorder)

02-06-20 Winters Chapel Road at Charmant Place (Radar Recorder)

02-05-20 Ashford Center Parkway at Ashford Center North (Radar Recorder)

02-11-20 Meadowlake Dr (SB) at Trumbull Drive

01-29-20 Wickford Way at Cedarhurst Drive (Radar Recorder)

01-06-20 Peeler Road at Cherring Drive (Radar Recorder)

01-06-20 2242 Peeler Road (Radar Recorder)


12-06-19 Tilly Mill Road at Dartford Drive (Radar Recorder)

12-04-19 2242 Peeler Road (Radar Recorder)

11-15-19 Happy Hollow Road at Kingsland Court (Radar Recorder)

11-15-19 1911 Olde Village Run (Radar Recorder)

10-04-19 5042 Vernon Oaks Drive (Radar Recorder)

10-01-19 4909 Hidden Branches Drive (Radar Recorder)

09-25-19 Kings Down Circle (EB) at North Springs Drive

09-10-19 Old Springhouse Lane (EB) at Georgetown Way

09-04-19 Vermack Road at Berkshire Pass (Radar Recorder)

09-04-19 Trumbull Drive at Trumbull Court (Radar Recorder)

09-03-19 Stonington Road (WB) at Stonington Circle

08-28-19 Meadowlake Drive at Meadowlake Lane (Radar Recorder)

08-23-19 Lakesprings Drive at Lakesprings Court (Radar Recorder)

08-20-19 Peachford Road (EB) at Chowning Way

08-19-19 Trumbull Drive (SB) at Hensley Drive (Radar Recorder)

08-16-19 Peeler Road at Happy Hollow Road (Radar Recorder)

08-16-19 N Peachtree Road at Tamassee Court (Radar Recorder)

08-02-19 Meadowlake Drive at Meadowlake Lane (Radar Speed Sign)

07-31-19 Dunwoody Club Drive at Waterford Drive (Radar Speed Sign)

07-19-19 Tilly Mill Road at Cobb Drive (Radar Speed Sign)

07-17-19 Hidden Branches Drive at Hunters Branch Drive (Radar Speed Sign)

06-28-19 Vermack Road at Berkshire Pass (Radar Speed Sign)

05-31-19 Happy Hollow Road (SB) at Kingsglen Court

05-15-19 Womack Road (EB) at Conover Drive

05-05-19 Ridgeview Road (SB) at Meadow Lane

04-17-19 Lakeside Drive (EB) at Poplar Lake Trail

04-05-19 Mount Vernon Road (EB) at Wickford Way

02-22-19 Vernon Lake Drive (NB) at Dunridge Court

02-05-19 Tilly Mill Road at Spring Mill Cove (Radar Recorder)

02-03-19 Tilly Mill Road (NB) at Spring Mill Cove

01-14-19 Summerford Drive (NB) at Springfield Drive

Request The Speed Monitoring Trailer

Dunwoody PD Speed Monitoring Trailer

If you would like to request the trailer for a certain location, please complete this form.