Silent Partners - a new community initiative

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The Dunwoody Police Department has developed  a secure mapping system that will identify locations of private cameras that might be helpful in solving personal and property crimes.
The portal provides the location of registered cameras. If a crime occurs near a camera listed on the map, investigators may request video footage for a specific time period to look for suspicious cars, people or other evidence. Cooperation with any request is voluntary and confidential, and only law enforcement personnel will have access to the portal. 
The registration process is simple: A short on-line survey will take only a few minutes to complete.

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Join the Dunwoody Police Department in Silent Partners, a program designed to fight crime with technology by partnering police with residents and business owners to create a technology network for solving and preventing crime.
A POWERFUL NETWORK Silent Partners creates a unified force of police department tools with private cameras and LPRs to help solve and deter crime. 
VOLUNTARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Registration in the Silent Partner program means only alerting Dunwoody’s Police Department that your home or business has security cameras and the areas covered. We’ll do the rest. If detectives feel that your camera’s footage could help, you will be contacted. Cooperation with any request is voluntary. Once provided, only law enforcement personnel would have access to the portal. Register here.
An option for communities and businesses:

License Plate Readers

The Dunwoody Police Department installed more than 40 stationary cameras and License Plate Readers throughout the city in 2019. LPRs provide instant notification of a suspicious car in the area for an immediate response. In other cases, cameras can help police connect the dots and solve a crime after it occurs. Residents and businesses can become Silent Partners by registering their security cameras through the new portal. They can also register community LPRs if they already have one, or consider investing in one. Flock Safety and Vigilant Solutions are two popular LPR providers. Pricing usually starts around $2,000 a year. Georgia Power Lighting Services also offers a program called SiteView.

Flock Safety

Vigilant Solutions


Learn more about LPRs here.

window clings and yard signs in homes and businesses

Window clings and yard signs available for all participants. 

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license plate reader installed

Many Dunwoody communities and businesses have opted to lease their own LPRs for instant notification with Dunwoody Police should a stolen auto or wanted person enter their property.