Lock, Take, Hide Program

The Lock, Take, Hide Program provides tips and reminders to reduce entering auto crimes in Dunwoody.

Criminals rarely break into a car when there are no visible valuables. Instead, they look inside cars and break into vehicles where they see some potential reward for their risk. Entering autos are almost always crimes of opportunity. If you lock your car, take your keys, and hide your belongings, you reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

The Lock, Take, Hide signs can be seen in parking lots near businesses and property complexes to remind patrons to lock their vehicle, take their car keys and hide their belongings inside the vehicle.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lock, Take, Hide Program or are a property owner interested in obtaining a Lock, Take, Hide sign (free of charge) for your public parking lot, please contact Community Outreach at 678-382-6917 or communityoutreach@dunwoodyga.gov.

Lock, Take, Hide
Signs promoting the Lock, Take, Hide Program can be seen in business parking lots across Dunwoody. Whenever you park your car, remember to:

  • Lock your car
  • Take your keys
  • Hide your belongings

Criminals are more likely to break into vehicles with visible valuables.