Police Comments and Concerns

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Comments, Concerns and Commendations

Have you had an experience with a member of the Dunwoody Police Department and would like to share your feedback? Do you have a comment to share?

We are interested in your feedback and care about your concerns. Please fill out the Comments and Concerns form to share your feedback with us or notify us of any traffic hazards or complaints.

Alternatively, please call 678-382-6901 to speak with someone directly regarding your general comment, concern or commendation. All messages will be returned by the following business day.

Criminal Complaints or Tips
You can help the Dunwoody Police Department prevent and respond to crime by submitting a crime tip. Specific information such as addresses; detailed suspect descriptions; makes, models, colors, license plates, and special features of vehicles; and any other pertinent information can help solve crimes committed in Dunwoody.