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Dunwoody Park: Parking Lot Refurbishment

Dunwoody Park: Parking Lot Refurbishment

Dunwoody Park – Parking Lot Refurbishment

After years of heavy use, the parking lot on the south side of Dunwoody Park, adjacent to the two baseball fields, has been refurbished.  As part of the FY 2014 Budget, the City Council approved funds to repair the parking lot. With plans completed, the parking lot was resurfaced in October.

Current Project Phase – Planning and Design

Staff worked with our resurfacing contractor to examine different strategies from full-depth reclamation to deep patching and resurfacing. The final plans have been completed and the parking lot has been resurfaced.

Next Project Phase – Construction



Project Documents

Dunwoody Parking Lot Striping Plan

Project Contact

Brent Walker
Parks and Recreation Manager

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