Facility Rentals

Planning a birthday party, company picnic, or special event?

Park pavilions are available to use for a variety of activities!

Park Pavilions Available:

*Please note, the small pavilions by the Brook Run Playground are NOT available for rental but may be used on a first come first served basis.  

Facility Rental Applications, for the reservation of park facilities, must be received by the Parks and Recreation Department at least two weeks prior to the event date.  Before you apply, check out the Facility Rental Calendar for availability.  

Facility rental fees start at $75. All fees for park and facility rentals are due upon approval of an application and the space is not considered officially reserved until all fees have been paid. Click here for reservations. 

Alcohol is permitted with a $200 refundable deposit.  The deposit must be paid with facility rental fee. If the pavilion/event field is clean and free of damage after your event, the alcohol deposit will be refunded by check.  Alcohol is NOT permitted in city parks except as part of a facility rental or special event where all appropriate permits and fees have been paid.

Caterers and Grills
You may have retail and food vendors at your event but copies of all participating vendor business licenses are required.  You may bring your own grill, but for safety reasons, personal grills can only be used on paved services.  Grills are NOT permitted on any grassy area or in any pavilion.

Music and Sound Systems
Sound amplification devices are permitted but must comply with the city's Noise Ordinance.  A description of the equipment and devices must be submitted with your application.

Insurance - Bounce Houses and Special Events
Private Rentals with inflatable bounce houses require proof of insurance. 

Special Events
Special Event permits are processed by Community Development. Please contact Valerie Thomas at valerie.thomas@dunwoodyga.gov for more information.