Land Development Bonds & Agreements

Most land development projects (i.e. land disturbance permits, preliminary plats, and final plats) require at least one bond or agreement before the issuance of permits. To determine which bonds or agreements may be required, the applicant and the Community Development Department will discuss this as part of the Pre-Application Review which is a required first step to all land disturbance projects. As an example, a commercial land disturbance permit or residential subdivision land disturbance permit will always require an erosion control bond. Other bonds are assessed on a case-by-case basis and may include Stormwater Maintenance, Performance Maintenance bonds, or others. Submitting bonds is the responsibility of the developer.

Pre-Application Review Meeting

Before filing a land development application on a project for review and approval, the applicant must meet with the department to discuss the procedure for approval of a land development permit and the requirements as to the general layout of streets, parking, open space/lot coverage, street improvements, stormwater management, sewage, fire protection and similar matters, as well as the availability of existing services, including schools. The department and the applicant must review the applicant's stormwater management plans, inspection and maintenance requirements and water quality control requirements. The department may advise the applicant, when appropriate, to discuss the proposed project with those officials who must eventually approve those aspects of the project coming within their jurisdiction. This meeting will also allow city officials to discuss with the applicant the necessary regulations that will properly accomplish the project. Please submit the Pre-Application Review Application and schedule your meeting with a Development Coordinator at the Permitting counter.

The Certification of Development Conformance Package (CDC Package) contains related agreements and surety forms required by the Zoning and Land Development Ordinances prior to obtaining a final plat approval or the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Completion.

For questions concerning the CDC package, contact Clay Reichert, Assistant City Engineer, at (678) 318-1065 or the Development Coordinators at 678-382-6800.


Bonds/Agreements/Documents that may be required:


Please provide the following documents upon submittal. Also please refer to the application and the CDC Package for any additional requirements.

  • Street Maintenance Agreement (Public Works Department)

  • Ad Valorem Tax Statement

  • CAD File

  • Easement Agreement (Public Works Department)


Please note that the Stormwater Management and Water/Sewer Review Sections of the Department may require additional agreements or submittals such as BMP maintenance bond, as-built or hydrology report to close out the development permit. Please contact the respective offices for information regarding their close out documents.

Amount of Bonds
The amount varies but most are valued based on a percentage of estimated costs of construction. Erosion control bonds are always in the amount of $3,000/acre.

Form of Payment or Credit for Bonds
The City can accept a check (made out to City of Dunwoody), a surety bond or a letter of credit or escrow from a certified financial institution. If using a letter of credit or escrow, it must be on the institution’s letterhead, be notarized, and have a contact name and direct phone number for the representative at the institution.

Release of Bonds
At the end of the bond period (typically 18 months but varies based on the exact details of the project) the city will complete an inspection. If all conditions of the bond are met, the bond will be released. For letters of credit or escrow, the city will write a letter to the financial institution holding the funds stating that they can be released. For checks or cash bonds, the city will issue a check to the developer.