Zoning/Land Development Code - Six Month Review

The city's ordinances are established to implement goals and visions identified through long-range planning processes. As those long-range planning documents are dynamic, the implementation tools themselves should be amended as necessary to maintain concurrence with adopted plans.

As such, during the Zoning Code Rewrite adoption process in the fall of 2013, staff committed to conduct analyses in regard to the functionality of the adopted code over the subsequent six months so as to identify any changes that would make the codes more effective and continue guiding development in a Dunwoody-specific manner. During that time, staff has observed the policy and procedural implications of the newly adopted code, and has developed a list of sections or topics that may need additional tweaking or clarification. The City Council is currently in the process of considering those proposed changes and will initiate text amendments accordingly.  To continue the enforcement of an efficient and effective code, this process will recur another six months from the date of the adoption of the first round of amendments.

Current Project Phase – Council Preliminary Direction
The City Council is in the process of reviewing proposed text amendments during City Council Work Sessions. 

Next Project Phase – Community Council Review
The City Council will review another draft the evening of October 13, 2014.  The next phase of the project is for City Council to initiate the proposed text amendments, where it will proceed through the amendment process to be heard before Community Council, Planning Commission, and City Council prior to adoption.

Recent Project Updates
The most recent discussion took place at the September 8, 2014 Council Work Session.  City Council discussed and requested amendments related to subdivision plat review and appeals, personal care homes, child-caring institutions, amendments to conditions of zoning, and contextual lot characteristics.  The result of those requested amendments will be reflected and discussed in the upcoming October 13, 2014 City Council work session.

Project Documents
Memo to Council
Chapter 16 Text Amendments 
Chapter 27 Text Amendments 
Proposed Fee Schedule

Project Contact
Rebecca Keefer, AICP
City Planner