Probation Services

Dunwoody Municipal Court has contracted with CSRA Probation Services, Inc, to provide supervisory services for those individuals placed on probation by our court. CSRA Probation Services monitors defendants who have been ordered by the Court to complete special conditions while on probation in addition to monitoring those defendants that have been ordered to pay fines and/or fees as assessed by the Court.

CSRA Probation Services, Inc.
9 Dunwoody Park, Suite 116
Dunwoody, GA 30338
Phone: 770-673-8085
Fax: 770-673-8087


CSRA Probation Services, Inc. has demonstrated a standard of excellence in the field of court services and is uniquely qualified to provide a wide array of community supervision options to local courts, counties, and cities. CSRA Probation Services are generally offender funded which results in no cost to the courts or the taxpayers. CSRA provides services that result in significant savings to the cities, counties, and courts that we serve. CSRA services, from managing a hands-on supervision program to assisting with administrative support, provide a direct benefit to the court, the offender, and the community.
The company was established in response to a need for local, privatized misdemeanor probation services due to a state policy of suspending misdemeanor probation services. Since inception, the company has grown to serve over 170 courts in Georgia within a 46 county area from 37 offices, and provides various specialty and administrative functions. The overall focus has evolved from basic misdemeanor probation supervision to include a broad spectrum of community supervision programs.
CSRA Probation Services, Inc. is registered with the County and Municipal Probation Advisory Council of Georgia and the company meets or exceeds all qualifications and standards established for private probation providers and also maintains liability insurance and all employees are bonded.

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