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Perimeter Multi-Modal Trails

Ashford Dunwoody Road and Peachtree Dunwoody Road

This project proposes to develop separated pedestrian and bicycle facilities along the west side Ashford Dunwoody Road between Hammond Drive and Perimeter Center West (City of Dunwoody) and along the west side of Peachtree Dunwoody Road between Hammond Drive and Central Parkway (City of Sandy Springs).

The commuter pathways being implemented by this project will connect the 30 million square feet of office and commercial development – among the greatest concentration in Georgia and the Southeastern United States – to major MARTA stations of one of the Nation’s largest public transit systems. These pathways will greatly increase access to jobs, enabling MARTA and other public transportation systems to be more effective and have a broader geographic and socio-economic reach. These commuter pathways are among the most effective ways of meeting the “the last mile” connectivity challenge in this critical geographic area of Georgia’s transportation system. They will have a significant benefit on many peoples’ household disposable income, and an impact on the regional economy as a whole – this sub-region employs over 125,000 people and has one of the greatest middle-income jobs growth rate in the United States.

The commuter trails pathways system, and this particular project, builds upon and implements many ongoing transportation initiatives of GDOT, Atlanta Regional Commission, the federally-required MPO long range
transportation plan - The Atlanta Region’s Plan, and county and municipal governments. It will implement aspects of both Fulton and DeKalb Counties’ Comprehensive Transportation Plans (CTPs), as well as plans of the cities of Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, and Dunwoody, all of which the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts’ (PCIDs) boundaries span. This particular project implements a significant early portion of the anticipated nearly 20 miles of connecting pathways for commuters, advancing PCIDs’ Livable Centers Initiatives, and particularly their Commuter Trails Master Plan. For example, the Peachtree Dunwoody Road Pathway provides important interconnection from the Hammond Drive area northward to major employers
such as Cox Communications. The Ashford Dunwoody Road pathway, along the Perimeter Mall frontage, interconnects the Dunwoody MARTA station, on the Hammond Drive corridor, with numerous office developments on the east side of Ashford Dunwoody Road and to the north of Perimeter Center West with retail and restaurants in the core of the Districts.

This project will provide important and viable alternative transportation choices to people, particularly considering the context of surrounding highway congestion. It will provide enhanced access and connectivity
to three MARTA stations. The corridors implemented will serve, in many cases, more than one MARTA station. Further, these pedestrian and bicycle transportation corridors will provide multimodal offerings to address commuting and daily internal and external traffic demands in this key area in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Finally, this project will enhance the efficacy of the other current modal investments of GDOT and its transportation partners, ensuring economic sustainability for this key business district in the Atlanta metropolitan area which is a major economic engine in Georgia and the Southeastern United States.

On Thursday, June 1, 2017 the Georgia Department of Transportation held a Public Information Open House (PIOH) concerning Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs) Trails Network Commuter Trails.