Artist Rendering of Alternate C
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Chamblee Dunwoody Road Georgetown Gateway

The Chamblee Dunwoody Georgetown Gateway Project seeks to improve traffic flow and create a more welcoming environment for bicycle, pedestrian, and non-motorized users.  The scope of the project entails improving the general traffic operations at its intersections as well as providing enhancements to the visual appeal, walkability, and safety of the corridor.  Prospective plan elements may include items such as landscape buffers, street trees, pedestrian and lighting, underground utilities, street furniture, bicycle facilities, and enhanced sidewalks.

Improving this corridor is identified in the city’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan as a high priority project due to its current poor Level of Service.  The focus of this project extends along Chamblee Dunwoody from I-285 to just south of the North Shallowford Road to its Peeler Road intersection.  However, to provide an all-inclusive representation of the subject area, the conceptual analysis of this project will also consider concept designs that extend through the intersections of North Shallowford Road/Peeler Road and Vermack Road.  In addition, pedestrian improvements along Cotillion Drive between Chamblee Dunwoody and N. Shallowford Road will be designed.

This segment of Chamblee Dunwoody Road is home to thousands of Dunwoody residents and provides access to over 13,000 vehicles travel each day.  As a result of this usage, a remarkable opportunity exists for this project to provide non-motorized connectivity for Dunwoody residents between their neighborhoods and the nearby public parks and commercial services and amenities located along this corridor. 

Current Project Phase – Concept Design Phase
This project is the largest transportation improvement undertaking thus far for the City of Dunwoody.  To ensure the best possible result, it will take several years of planning and design to incorporate the vision of the many stakeholders including residents, business owners, as well as the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Atlanta Regional Commission. 
This project is currently in the concept design phase.  It is at this stage that a discovery process occurs where ideas will be collected and vetted from the stakeholders to determine and prioritize the community’s goals.  Using this information, fundamental decisions can then be made on elements such as the lane configurations, shoulder treatments, and even material selection.

Public information meetings were held in December 2014. Based on comments received from the public and city council members, Alternate C has been selected as the preferred alternate.  This alternate provides a 12' wide multiuse trail along the corridor.  This alternate allows flexibility to replace certain sections of the multiuse trail with a wide sidewalk.  Street trees and furnishings, pedestrian lighting, and landscaping will also be incorporated in the design as the plans progress, creating a better sense of place to the Georgetown area.

A multiuse trail was also shown to be the preferred alternate on the Cotillion Drive section.  In an effort to speed up the design, the city will separate this portion of the project from the Gateway and fund it locally.  

A preferred alternate on the intersection of Chamblee Dunwoody Road with Peeler Road/N. Shallowford Road has not been selected.  Additional public involvement will occur in the later half of 2015.  The intersection improvement will also proceed as a separate project.   

Next Project Phase – Preliminary Design Phase
During the preliminary design phase, the design consultant, AECOM, will further refine the preferred designed concept(s), identify and avoid problems, and determined ways to mitigate any potential unpreventable impacts.