Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics conducts hearings as needed to decide upon specific cases in which a violation of the city’s Ethics Ordinance (Article VIII. - Ethics) has been alleged by the filing of a written complaint.

The board has 5 members and two alternates, each serving 3-year terms.


  • Kevin Bahr – Term expires 1/26/18
  • Joanie Dwoskin - Term expires 1/26/18
  • Bruce Hedrick – Term expires 1/26/18
  • Stephen Moss – Term expires 6/30/19
  • Wade Wright, Vice-Chair – Term expires 6/30/19

Alternate members:

  • Michael Caldwell - Term expires 6/30/19
  • Rachelle Carmel - Term expires 6/30/19

You may contact the Board of Ethics by e-mailing the City Clerk, Sharon Lowery, at