Special Events

Dunwoody is pleased to welcome a variety of special events, from community festivals to athletic competitions. Our goal is to work with event sponsors and producers to help ensure that events that take place in our city are safe and successful, while minimizing the impact on the surrounding community. We hope that you will find these instructions helpful in planning and preparing to execute your special event.

Please download the Special Event Permit Application. If your event will have signs in the right-of-way, please fill out the Special Event Sign Permit Application and submit it with your application. You will need to submit a completed  Special Event Sign Permit Deposit Affidavit within 7 days of the event to receive your full sign deposit back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fees--Click here for fee schedule.

Review ProcessHow far in advance do I need to apply?

The adopted Special Event Ordinance requires that all applications for Special Events be submitted 60 days prior to the planned event to allow for review and processing. 

Overall - Who can help me navigate the process?

Valerie Thomas: (678) 382-6808 or valerie.thomas@dunwoodyga.gov

Valerie handles the intake of all Special Event Permit applications and coordinates between the different internal departments that review all applications.

Please Note: If you are planning a 5K, you are asked to use the City’s USATF certified 5K route

SignsWho handles the sign permit for special events?

Valerie Thomas: (678) 382-6808 or valerie.thomas@dunwoodyga.gov
Valerie handles the intake and processing of all special event signage requests and can help you once you know what signs you want and where. Valerie can also explain how you can get 100% of your sign permit deposit back.

Tents and Temporary StructuresWho can help me with my tent?

Valerie Thomas: (678) 382-6808 or valerie.thomas@dunwoodyga.gov
Valerie handles the intake and processing of special event permit applications including for tents and temporary structures. She can help you navigate the application for the city and then give you a routing number for your visit down to DeKalb County for fire marshal services and site plan review. DeKalb County’s Fire Marshal office completes site plan reviews for tents or temporary structures over 400 square feet (with sides), over 700 square feet (without sides), or multiple smaller structures totaling over 700 square feet. The addition of a temporary structure or tent can impact the way fire trucks can respond to emergency situations at your event so DeKalb needs to review it to keep your event safe. Although this process can be done concurrently with the city’s reviews, please submit your plans in a timely fashion. Download DeKalb's Plan Submittal Review Requirements for more information.

Alcohol – How do I secure a permit for the sale or serving of alcohol at my event?

Finance Department: (678) 382-6700
The Finance Department handles the intake and processing of all special event alcohol permits. They can help you check if your vendor already has current licenses or if you need a Special Event Alcohol Permit for the temporary sale or serving of alcohol.

Food preparationWhat do I need to do if my event includes food preparation or sale?

Please comply with the DeKalb County Board of Health regulations available at the link listed on page three of the application. You may find it helpful to know that pursuant to section 290-5-14-.08, temporary food service, which lasts less than 120 hours, is exempt from many of the permitting and inspection requirements.

Park Facility Rentals

Lemonade Days

To rent a facility or view a facility availability calendar, visit the Parks Registration Portal

Instructor Application

Have you ever considered sharing your talent or passion with others? The City of Dunwoody Parks & Rec Department is looking for new instructors to teach programs! All program proposals are welcome. Applications can be found here or requested from Rachel Waldron at rachel.waldron@dunwoodyga.gov.