The city welcomes groups and organizations wishing to film in Dunwoody. We believe filming brings employment opportunities, tourism, hotel occupancy, and general economic development to the city. We are proud to say recent blockbusters such as Footloose and Trouble with the Curve were both filmed in Dunwoody.

Whether or not you need permits from the city to film in Dunwoody depends on where you would like to film and the aspects of your film. All groups or organizations interested in filming in Dunwoody should fill out the Media Production Permit Application. This easy-to-follow, one-page application captures basic information, such as the location for your production. Each application must be accompanied by four required attachments:

1. Site Plan – showing your production location and base camp
2. Proof of Permission of Property Owner – for use of the production location and base camp
3. Notification of Neighbors – those potentially affected by production location
4. $25 Application Fee

Based on the information you provide, and our adopted policies and ordinances, the city will determine if you need any permits. Additionally, we will determine whether or not the city or county will need any additional information for permitting. For example, if you will be posting any signs (including small, directional signs) you will need to fill out the Temporary Sign Permit Application.

To further assist you in the permitting process, the city’s Special Event Coordinator, Valerie Thomas, serves as the point person for all filming in Dunwoody. Completed applications should be returned to Valerie's attention. She can be reached directly at 678-382-6808 or If you have any issues or need assistance navigating the approval process she is available to answer questions and offer suggestions.

Once we receive your application, we will review it promptly to determine if you need a filming permit and whether or not we need additional information. Filming permit fees are $100 per day (please note filming include preparation and assembly days). For filming occurring on public property, park/facility rentals are $500 per day. Police services are $55 per hour per officer with a minimum of three hours per officer.  

IMPORTANT: Whether you need a permit or not, be sure to contact Major Oliver Fladrich with the Dunwoody Police Department to confirm that you will not need any police support. Maj. Fladrich can be reached directly at 678-382-6905 or