Speed Monitoring Trailer

The speed monitoring trailer is one tool the Dunwoody Police Department uses to combat the problem of speeding.

The speed monitoring trailer is a portable device which measures the speed of cars as they approach and flashes the driver's speed as they pass the trailer. The trailer utilizes a computer which collects data that can be analyzed to identify the severity of the speeding problem and the worst times for speeding. This helps the department deploy limited resources more efficiently.

A speed monitoring trailer can aid in making drivers more aware of exactly how fast they are going. While traffic enforcement through visible patrols and traffic citations remains an important component of our overall traffic safety strategy, the use of the speed monitoring trailer bolsters the Police Department’s efforts to reduce speeding through education and awareness.

You can request the placement of the speed monitoring trailer in your neighborhood by filling out a Speed Monitoring Trailer Request Form. Due to the high volume of requests for the speed monitoring trailer, placements will occur in the order in which requests are received.

Speed Monitoring Trailer Results


08-22-17 Happy Hollow Road at Fontainebleau Drive (Radar Recorder)

03-01-17 Mount Vernon Road (WB) at Ashford Dunwoody Road

02-03-17 Chamblee Dunwoody Road (SB) at Springfield Drive

01-24-17 Chamblee Dunwoody Road (NB) at Manget Way

01-11-17 Dunwoody Park North (EB) at North Shallowford Road


12-27-16 Dunwoody Park South (NB) at Dunwoody Park North

12-16-16 Dunwoody Park (SB) at Cotillion Drive

07-18-16 Happy Hollow Road (SB) at Kingsglen Court