Upcoming Planning and Zoning Decisions

The following is an updated list of upcoming Board and Commission meetings and administrative decisions along with links to accompanying applications and information on each.

Please follow the link on each decision to view the application packets. Some of the packets may take a moment to load. If there is not an application link available, please contact the Community Development Department for a copy (678-382-6800).

Upcoming Decisions

Administrative Decisions

Preliminary Plat: 4860 Adams Road, with hydrology report. The tax parcel number is 18 360 01 041.

AP 18-05: Andrew and Lauren Alexander, owners of 5569 Mill Trace Drive, request administrative permit to encroach front yard setback by up to 10% for construction of a garage. The tax parcel number is 18 379 01 081.

Decision Date: June 4, 2018

AP 18-06: Twelve24 Office, LLC, owner of 1224 Hammond Drive, requests administrative permit to reduce minimum off-street parking ratios. The tax parcel number is 18 348 01 020.

Decision Date: June 18, 2018


May 21, 2018 Mayor and City Council Meeting


June 7, 2018 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

ZBA 18-05: Grant and Laura Britton, owners of 4906 Cambridge Dr, seek a variance from Chapter 16, Section 16-78, to encroach the 75-foot stream buffer for landscaping and grading activity. The Tax Parcel ID is 18 362 05 044.




For more information, please reach out to:

Tammy Hiler
Planning Coordinator
(678) 382-6819


John Olson, AICP
Planning Manager
(678) 382-6811


Ronnie Kurtz
(678) 382-6717