Probation Services

Dunwoody Municipal Court has contracted with Sentinel Offender Services, LLC, to provide supervisory services for those individuals placed on probation by our court. Sentinel Offender Services monitors defendants who have been ordered by the Court to complete special conditions while on probation in addition to monitoring those defendants that have been ordered to pay fines and/or fees as assessed by the Court.

Sentinel Offender Services, LLC
9 Dunwoody Park, Suite 116
Dunwoody, GA 30338
Phone: 770-673-8085
Fax: 770-673-8087

As one of the leading providers of Probation Services throughout the State of Georgia, Sentinel is qualified to provide all services necessary to fulfill the probation management needs of this jurisdiction.

Sentinel believes in working closely with its probationers. Sentinel has developed and implemented innovative solutions to complex problems. Sentinel considers their primary obligation to be ensuring that the probationer is in full compliance with the orders of the Court, but also wants to assist the probationer in successfully completing his/her sentence rather than being returned to custody. Experience has shown that by facilitating compliance rather than punishing failure we provide a higher level of service to both the court and the client while promoting a higher degree of successful completion.