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The Dunwoody Police are proud to be the first police agency in the country to utilize this cutting edge program. Interactive Defense is based on a social media format and allows residents and officers to communicate more efficiently. Residents can sign up for home watches while they are on vacation, view a list of wanted and missing people, receive emails directly from officers about suspicious activities and crimes, and send and receive emails from other residents in the city. Citizens can choose to receive email and text message alerts on information released from the police department. Click on the registration link below to start exploring the latest information from the police department.

To register or log on, click on the link:

If you have questions regarding this program, please contact Officer Tim Fecht: 678-382-6917 or

Testimonial on Home Watches:

"I wanted to let you know how impressed my wife and I are with this service provided by the Dunwoody Police; we’ve used it several times and have been thoroughly pleased; the police come by almost every day and we really like reading the officer’s email notes of what they did and found.  One time, they even noted that they picked up a copy of the Dunwoody Crier from the driveway and placed it on the front porch so it would not sit in the driveway while we were away.

Please express our appreciation to the officers for this valuable service.

Thank you.


Dunwoody resident