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This policy has been written to establish guidelines and procedures governing the mobilization of various department personnel for the purpose of conducting unscheduled multi-family code compliance and inspections, both interior and exterior, of multi-unit residences and commercial structures in the City of Dunwoody.

These inspections are necessary to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Dunwoody.


Interior Inspections

All apartment complexes must produce and provide inspection reports from a third-party inspection company for all dwelling units. The first year 100% of all units must have an inspection and the reports must be submitted prior to obtaining a business license.  The following years 20% of the units within the complex must be inspected by the approved third party inspection companies.  These interior inspections look for basic life safety issues and general overall condition of the interior units.

Current certification requirements include: licensed design professional (architect or engineer) or one of the following certifications from the International Code Council (ICC):

Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector (64),
Housing Rehabilitation Inspector,
Building Inspector (B5),
Building Plan Examiner (B3)
Commercial Combination Inspector (B2).

All inspectors must be approved by the City.

           Apartment Inspection Report

If your company is interested in becoming an approved third party inspector please contact Michael Nier, Chief Building Official at 678-382-6700 or

Certified Inspector List

1. Andy Gosch
ClearView Inspections

2. George Haynie
The Scope Report

3. Daniel Jewitt
Olkonomia, Inc

4. Michael Wolfert
The Inspector

5. Daniel Jewitt
Code Mentors

6. Walt Broom
Walt Broom Real Estate Services, Inc.

7. Chuck Rager
Prime Environmental Testing

8. Anthony Claffey
Claffey Construction Inspections, Inc.

9. Vince Hines
Nova Engineering and Environmental
770-425-0777, cell:  678-410-7110

10. Alan J. Travis
United Consulting

11. Scott Riddle
Code Compliant Inspection Services


Exterior Inspections

City of Dunwoody shall perform exterior inspections for all multi-unit residences and commercial structures. This effort will be comprised of a “code compliance team” to determine potential property maintenance code violations. The teams
compile the inspection data into one concise report illustrating issues and violations on the respective property. This report is then presented to the property management of the community in question for the building owner’s immediate attention.

Multi-Family Code Compliance and Inspections shall be conducted the last Wednesday of each month from 08:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs, unless directed otherwise.

Who is inspecting the property?

A specially selected “code compliance team” will conduct the inspections on a monthly basis.

Each search team shall be comprised of a minimum of:
   ·        1-Police Officer,

   ·        1-City Staff consisting of one or more individuals certified as:

           o  Code Compliance Officer (team leader),

           o  Building Inspector,
           o  Development Inspector and
           o  Fire Inspector (substitutions will be permitted if designated representatives are not present).

Additional personnel may include Animal Control, EMS and Department of Health. These units will have
designations based on their function (i.e. Animal control 1, or Dept. of Health 3 etc.). Any other participants may include, but are not limited to: media, council members, City administrators etc.

Important Documents

Apartment Inspection Report
Multi-Family Code Compliance & Inspection Policy