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Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

The City of Dunwoody has prepared a report on uncontrolled pedestrian crosswalks throughout Dunwoody in an effort to provide improvements for the safety of all users at these locations.  This document incorporates comments from representatives from all five of the public elementary schools in Dunwoody as well as comments the public works department has received over time. 

At this time, we are soliciting feedback on this version of the document.  If you have questions or comments, please communicate them to Mindy Sanders via email ( or phone (678-382-6812) so that we may address them appropriately.  Several comments have already been received.  Responses will be provided below for frequently received comments. 


Pedestrian Safety Action Plan




Respsonses to Frequently Received Comments

 (Updated May 8, 2014)


Q. Why would the city remove the crosswalk at the east entrance of Dunwoody Elementary School on Womack Drive?

A.   There are two crosswalks on Womack Road that serve pedestrians seeking to cross to and from Dunwoody Elementary School. The sidewalk at the east entrance to Dunwoody Elementary School was originally installed prior to the completion of the sidewalk on the north side of Womack between Oakhurst and Lakeland Woods Court.  There is a crossing guard stationed at the existing crossing at the west entrance to the school/ Lakeland Woods Court and with the current school zoning, the crosswalk at the east entrance only serves Oakhurst Walk. The city and its consultant concluded that the west entrance (with the crossing guard) is currently a more secure location to cross the road having a crossing guard and will be further enhanced once the proposed pedestrian safety improvements are installed at all times of day.  Additionally, despite what the current version of the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan indicates, there would not be an associated cost with this action.  This cost will be corrected and at the time when Womack will be resurfaced, crews will not add pavement crosswalk markings at the eastern point and the signs at this point would be removed.