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Dunwoody Park began as part of America's Bicentennial celebrations in the mid 1970's. Dunwoody citizens and organizations, DeKalb Parks and Recreation, and the US Forestry Service built trails, labeled trees, cleared the wetlands, installed playground equipment and picnic tables. Volunteers led historical and botanical identification tours of the site.

In the 1980's, arts classes offered in Dunwoody Park soon outgrew the facilities, allowing a shift to environmental education. This led to the creation of the Dunwoody Nature Center located on the same property.


Dunwoody Park is also home to Dunwoody Senior Baseball leagues. These include the Middle School League, Summer Recreational League, Spring Recreational League, and the Fall Recreational League. Dunwoody Senior Baseball also has a travel league with 5 teams. They represent Dunwoody Senior Baseball in statewide tournaments and in an end of season event in Florida.

All together, Dunwoody Senior baseball has 1022 recreational and middle school players, 68 travel team players and another 150 players who play in the park from other programs. 

Monday - Sunday
7:00 a.m. – Sunset

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