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MyPDThe Dunwoody Police Department continuously seeks opportunities to use technology to facilitate and enhance the relationship we have with our community. Since beginning operations on April 1, 2009, the Dunwoody Police Department has been on the cutting edge of using social media to inform, educate and connect with our residents. The department currently has nearly 4,000 Likes on Facebook and over 5,000 Followers on Twitter. We also have a YouTube Channel to post videos of interest to our community. In addition, the department uses Interactive Defense as a tool to connect with our Neighborhood Watch groups and have over 1,500 users. The department also has a robust website with many active visitors each day.

Although we are able to interact with many members of our community, we know there are others we have yet to reach. To that end, the Dunwoody Police Department is pleased to offer a convenient smart phone app. Wired Blue, LLC has developed this smart phone app for the iPhone and Android titled “MYPD” or “My Police Department”. This app is currently available online as a free download.

Community members can now download the app, click on the Dunwoody Police Department and use it to ask questions, submit tips, view our website, see current news, access our social media sites and access many other features all in one convenient location. This app leverages the popularity of smart phones in use today. “Many people in our community use smart phones. This app gives them an easy way to communicate with the Dunwoody Police Department, no matter where they are, and stay informed about our activity and keep track of items of interest”, says Chief Billy Grogan.

The “MYPD” app is a great addition to the Dunwoody Police Department’s arsenal of social media communication tools available to our community. We hope that future updates to the app will give our community even more access to other features like Chief Grogan’s Blog and Twitter feed. Please remember, this app is not intended for emergency use. If you have an emergency or want to report a crime in progress, please dial 911.

Click here to download your free app for Android or iPhone:

Android MyPD appiPhone MyPD app