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The Community Development Department develops and implements long-range land use plans that will shape the community's future as its residents and stakeholders see fit. These plans are implemented through daily application of the zoning ordinance and land development ordinance when processing a variety of land use applications from new development to variances. Currently the City implements three different long-range land use plans, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, the Dunwoody Village Master Plan and the Georgetown Master Plan. More information on these is provided in the sections below.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Shortly after its December 1, 2008 incorporation, the City of Dunwoody began working with the community to create a Comprehensive Land Use Plan to guide future development and provide the policy framework for future planning initiatives.

Adopted in 2010, the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan is the preeminent legal document guiding future development in the Dunwoody. As part of the Comprehensive Planning process, the City’s consultant also conducted a Community Assessment which provides an analysis of existing conditions, issues, and trends facing the City of Dunwoody.  The detailed reports and supplemental data from the Community Assessment are included in the Technical Addendum.

Throughout the creation of the Comprehensive Plan, the community designated several areas in the City as “character areas” with specific land use and other character features.  Following the finalization of the Comprehensive Plan, the City embarked on a Master Planning process for two signature character areas – the Dunwoody Village area and the Georgetown / North Shallowford area.

Dunwoody Village Master Plan

The Dunwoody Village, as it stands today, is a complex balance of numerous, and often competing agendas—it is at once a highly localized convenience commercial center for nearby residents, while also existing, for many, as the civic “heart” of the community. The Dunwoody Village Master Plan, adopted in March 2011, envisions and outlines how the Dunwoody Village can thrive as a true “Village” that is vibrant, sustainable, and economically viable while maintaining its quaintness, charm, and link to the area’s history.  The planning process and all documents considered throughout that process can be viewed on the Dunwoody Village Master Plan project website.

Georgetown Master Plan

The Georgetown / North Shallowford area directly abuts Interstate 285 and is currently an assemblage of diverse and disparate land uses ranging from strip center commercial, to numerous multifamily developments (owner and renter) to large scale institutional uses, to a local utility operations center. The Georgetown / North Shallowford Master Plan, adopted in March 2011, outlines targeted initiatives to improve the “gateway” appearance and create connectivity while encouraging high quality retail and meet the gaps in supply of housing for all ages. The planning process and all documents considered throughout that process can be viewed on the Georgetown / North Shallowford Master Plan project website.