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2014 Resurfacing Plan

Citywide Pavement Evaluation

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2014 Resurfacing Plan

Since 2009, the City has invested over $5,000,000 in repaving its roads.  Each year, approximately 70% of the funding is directed towards high traffic volume roads. The remaining 30% is applied to the lowest rated neighborhood streets based on the pavement condition assessment.  The City's 5-year Resurfacing Plan has been updated based on a Citywide Pavement Evaluation performed in 2013. 


2014 Paving Plan

2014 Paving Plan


Portions of Chamblee-Dunwoody and Mount Vernon Roads were deferred last year due to an initiative by DeKalb County to replace existing water main lines along these streets. The upgrade of these water utility lines is expected to occur this year.  The resurfacing of these roads will follow this work performed by the County.


Citywide Pavement Evaluation

In 2009, and again in 2013, Public Works completed a pavement condition assessment of all of the public streets within the city. The assessment provides:

  • An objective evaluation of the condition of the city’s pavement infrastructure

  • The basis for prioritizing streets for repaving.

The assessment, conducted by IMS Infrastructure Management Services, consisted of surveys of each roadway segment to measure roughness, rut depth and crack condition. The data collected was used to develop a pavement condition index (PCI) ranging from 10 to 100 for each roadway segment.

The 2013 Dunwoody Citywide Pavement Assessment Report summarizes the methodology and provides a list of roads with corresponding PCI numbers.  Appendix B lists the ratings of all roads from best to worst and Appendix C lists the ratings by street name.  The Complete Appendix is also available, which includes additional supporting data.


2013 Dunwoody Citywide Pavement Assessment Report

Appendix B (Ratings from Best to Worst)

Appendix C (Ratings in Alphabetical Order)

Complete Appendix



Significant findings of the report include:

  • The city has 147 centerline miles of roadway, with PCI ratings ranging from 33 to 97 and an average PCI rating of 66.

  • Since 2009 the City has made significant improvement in the condition of its main thoroughfares with the percentage in good to excellent condition increasing from 45% to 60%.

  • Overall nearly one third of City streets are in good to excellent condition and nearly one third are in poor to very poor condition.  The remaining roads are shown to be in fair condition.


Evaluation Documents 

14.02.10 Council Presentation of Five Year Paving Plan

2014-2018 List of Streets for Paving

2014 Paving Map

2015 Paving Map

2016 Paving Map

2017 Paving Map

2018 Paving Map

Past and Planned Paving Map


(Updated September 8, 2014)

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