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As outlined by the City of Dunwoody's Comprehensive Transportation Plan, the city has adopted a "Complete Streets" policy, which outlines the need for choice, connectivity, and community by providing access for all transportations including pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, as well as cars along major routes through the city. Within this section of the Chamblee Dunwoody Road corridor, on-street bicycle lanes do not exist and sidewalk is available only on the west side of the road.  The proposed pedestrian and bicycle improvements along Chamblee Dunwoody Road aim to remedy these deficiencies by widening the road to accommodate bicycle lanes in both directions and a sidewalk on the east side of the road.  Existing ditches will be replaced with stormwater pipes along with adding curb and gutter on this side.

Where we are able, the city strives will make such improvements in conjunction with other capital improvement projects.  These improvements will be done in conjunction with the proposed replacement of DeKalb County's water main and the city's scheduled resurfacing of Chamblee Dunwoody Road.


Phase I  

Phase I of the project begins at Vermack Road and continues to Valley View Road.

Phase I Preliminary Plans


Phase II  

Phase II of the project begins at Valley View Road and continues to Womack Road.   Where possible, the sidewalk will meander farther from the road to minimize impacts to trees and adjacent properties similar to the sidewalk that was installed on the south side of Mount Vernon Road near Dunwoody Station.  This phase of the project will also adjust the turning lanes at the intersection with Womack Road.  A secondary benefit of the overall project will be to increase the sight distance for drivers on Womack Road, which would provide the option for drivers to turn right during red lights at this intersection.  

A public information open house (PIOH) was held on Thursday, June 5th, 2014 at the Dunwoody Branch of the DeKalb Public Library.  If you were unable to attend, links to the conceptual display, the looped presentation, and a comment card may be found below.

Phase II Concept Display

PIOH Looped Presentation

Comment Card

These two projects will tie in with separate proposed projects along the Chamblee Dunwoody Corridor:

  • Intersection Improvement at Chamblee Dunwoody Road at Vermack Road
  • Intersection Improvement at Chamblee Dunwoody Road at Peeler Road
  • Chamblee Dunwoody Multimodal Corridor Improvements

Questions and concerns may be sent to Mindy Sanders at


(Updated June 6, 2014)