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Denny Shortal

Denis "Denny" Shortal
City Council Post 1 (District 1 Local)

Mayor Pro Tem

Years resided (or worked) in Dunwoody: 22

Profession: Retired Marine and Airline Pilot

Priorities for City: To enhance the quality of life of all our citizens across the entire spectrum through better zoning and land use, being fiscally conservative to keep taxes low while enhancing services, having a police force that protect our citizens and affords the citizens peace of mind, and to have an efficient and responsive city government.

Jim Riticher
City Council Post 2 (District 2 Local)

Years resided (or worked) in Dunwoody: 30

Profession: Engineering & IT Project Management

Priorities for City: To maintain and improve the high-quality suburban community that brought us together as neighbors, with a focus on infrastructure maintenance and enhancement, resident-first policies, and fiscal responsibility.

Douglas R. Thompson
City Council Post 3 (District 3 Local)

Years resided (or worked) in Dunwoody: 18

Profession: Attorney/Accountant

Priorities for City: Provide accountable governance, protect and preserve Dunwoody’s neighborhoods, promote local businesses, support and sustain Dunwoody’s parks for the benefit and enjoyment of its citizens, improve Dunwoody’s infrastructure for auto, bicycle and pedestrian transportation.

Terry Nall
City Council Post 4
(District 1 At Large)

Years resided (or worked) in Dunwoody: Since 1998

Profession: CPA and Senior Financial Services Executive

Priorities for City: Small, efficient government with accountability:  police and public safety, repaving, sidewalks and pedestrian safety, intersection improvements, zoning control, and responsible fiscal management.

Lynn Deutsch
City Council Post 5

(District 2 At Large)

Years resided (or worked) in Dunwoody: 25 years

Priorities for City: To preserve our neighborhoods, make Dunwoody a walkable city,  have a small and efficient government, attract businesses and to make policies that improve the quality of life for Dunwoody residents.


John Heneghan

City Council Post 6

(District 3 At Large)

Years resided (or worked) in Dunwoody: Since 1996

Profession: Senior Manager, US Department of Transportation

Priorities for City: Transparency and citizen interaction in the rule making process, a thriving business community, implementing systematic transportation enhancements that improve the quality of life for Dunwoody residents, an advocate for public amenities, open spaces, parks and recreation activities for all our citizens and finally a strong police force and public safety system to keep us secure.