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3/20/2014 8:09:19 AMUbiDuo – Face to Face Communicator

The Dunwoody Police Department is now equipped with the UbiDuo- Face to Face Communicator.  This device provides additional services to citizens who are deaf/hard of hearing and others with communication barriers.  Effective immediately, patrons will have an additional option for communication when coming into the police station or when meeting with a member of our police force.  Dunwoody is the first police department to utilize this device in Georgia.

There are advantages to using the UbiDuo – an instant communication tool:  Citizens who are deaf/hard of hearing or have communication barriers can walk in to the police department for any reason and can communicate with the officers without having to wait for an interpreter to arrive before full communication can begin.  This is a safety feature especially in cases of emergency to have instant communication.  Nor will the citizen who is deaf have to rely on a family member to interpret as often happens. 

Citizens are often concerned about others being involved in their conversations.  With the UbiDuo, there is full confidentiality between the officer and the citizen without a 3rd party. This wireless device does not need a cell tower or WiFi or the internet.  It can be used in any location, in a police car, in a home, or on the street.ubiduo communicator

The Dunwoody Police Department is providing the UbiDuo to better serve citizens who are deaf, hard of hearing or non-verbal have for a comfortable communication exchange with our department.   It has proven to be a successful option across the United States.  The Dunwoody Police Department is providing this additional alternative as a service to our citizens.

If you have any questions about UbiDuo, please contact Officer Tim Fecht at 678.382.6917, or


03-20-14 UbiDuo Face to Face Communicator

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