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Chaplain Egan

Rev. Mr. Ray Egan (Deacon Ray) 

Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta 
2401 Lake Park Drive SE 
Smyrna, GA 30080

Deacon Ray is originally from Connecticut, where his wife and he attended high school together and share 55 years of marriage. He has four grown children and seven grandchildren.

Several corporate moves landed him here in Dunwoody some thirty six years ago. In addition to a corporate position, Deacon Ray served in Law Enforcement as a member of the Rescue Squad, Underwater Body Recovery Team, Fire Marshal, and as a local Police Officer for twelve years.

In 1988, Deacon Ray began formation and was ordained a Roman Catholic permanent Deacon in 1991. He is now assigned to the Archbishop's office and serves weekends at St. Jude's Catholic Church. Deacon Ray is also assigned to Hartsfield Jackson Airport as one of the Interfaith Chaplains serving travelers as well as the many employees working at ATL airport.

A Message From Chaplain Egan

~ Prayers for Law Enforcement and Firefighters

We pray and ask the Lord...for the protection of our police and firefighters in our state. Pray for peace, protection and strength in their homes and marriages. (Psalms 91:1-16)

We pray and ask the Lord...for angelic protection as they are the first responders in any crisis situation.

We pray and ask the Lord...for their emotional well being: The mental, physical and emotional aspects are always on high alert. There is a combination of stress and anxiety always at work which can impact the mind in many ways. Divorce can be a result and forms of escapism which are counter-productive to the mind, body, spirit and soul.

We pray and ask the Lord...for our police and firefighters to make choices in spontaneous situations that continually arise that are filed with wisdom that will bring forth the greatest good. Wisdom is the right use and exercise of knowledge; quickness of intellect; readiness of apprehension; and dexterity in execution.

We Pray and ask the Lord… they would have compassion for the people they serve. Our police and firefighters are dealing with lives and souls that will face God some day. May they have a heart like Jesus Christ and feel what an individual may be going through at the time, and respond accordingly.

We Pray and ask the Lord…that law enforcement and firefighter personnel would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as savior. This is the greatest need of all as salvation is the pathway to resolve all individual problems that may arise.

We Pray and ask the Lord…they would exhibit integrity, honesty and dedication. A virtuous individual is to be highly regarded and respected. Temptations can present situations for any person to fail at some time. May they have spiritual fortitude and strength to be honest, dedicated and individuals of integrity.