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**2014 Occupation Tax Renewals**

Attention all Dunwoody businesses, the 2014 Occupation Tax Certificate renewals will be mailed out the first week in January 2014. We are aware that the 2013 certificate expired on 12/31/2013, therefore your 2013 tax certificate is in a grace period through April 15, 2014. All tax certificates must be renewed by April 15, 2014.

**Letters Received from RDS**

If you are a business within the City of Dunwoody and have received a letter from RDS, please be aware that this is not a scam. The City of Dunwoody has contracted with RDS.

**Customer Satisfaction Survey for Dunwoody Businesses**

If you are a business located in the City of Dunwoody please take a few minutes to complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey and let us know how satisfied you are with the manner in which the City of Dunwoody is providing service. Customer Satisfaction Survey  

Dunwoody Business and Occupation Tax and Licensing

The information on this page is provided by the City of Dunwoody as a public service to assist those interested in establishing and conducting a business within the City of Dunwoody.  The content displayed here is not deemed an all-inclusive source, but a collection of general information that applies to all businesses as well as many specific business activities.  It is important for those seeking information to understand, any errors or omissions will not relieve the business owner of responsibility, obligation or liability in fulfilling all legal requirements.

If you are a new business within the City of Dunwoody you are required to have a current occupation tax certificate in order to conduct business within city limits. 

Please see the following Occupation Tax Certificate forms below:

2014 Occupational Tax Certificate Application (Required for New Businesses)

SAVE Affidavit (Required for all Businesses)

SAVE Affidavit Frequently Asked Questions (Read this FAQ to answer your questions)

E-Verify Affidavit_More than 10 Employees (Required if more than 10 company/nation-wide employees)

E-Verify Affidavit_Less than 10 Employees (Required if less than 10 company/nation-wide employees)

E-Verify Affidavit Frequently Asked Questions (Read this FAQ to answer your questions)

Home Occupation Supplemental Form (Required for all home-based businesses)

Type B - Home Occupation Supplemental Form (Required for home-based businesses that will have employees and customers at the residence)

Occupational Tax Certificate Checklist (Does your business require additional documents?)

Background Check Consent Form

Change of Address Notification (Requires Zoning Approval)

Change of Information

Closed or Sold Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational Tax General Information


The City of Dunwoody Tax Rate for 2014 is:


Tax Class

Base Fee

Per Employee Fee

Rate Per Dollar Gross Receipts Over $20,000

Class 1




Class 2




Class 3




Class 4




Class 5




Class 6




Calculating your fee for your 2014 Occupation Tax:

  • 2014 Projected Gross Receipts - $20,000= $Adjusted Gross Receipts multiplied by the appropriate tax rate above
  • Number of employees/owners multiplied by the appropriate per employee fee above (min. of 1)
  • $125.00 Base Fee
  • =Total Occupation Tax Fees Due

All checks are made payable to the City of Dunwoody and mailed to the City of Dunwoody at 41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 250, Dunwoody, GA 30346.

If you have any questions regarding your NAICS Code and your correct tax class please contact the Finance Department at 678-382-6700 or email

In order to successfully complete your application please be sure to include all of the necessary documentation. Missing information may cause a delay in the issuing of your occupational tax certificate. The Finance Department will notify applicants regarding any missing documentation.

Please see the following additional Supplemental Forms below:

2014 Direct Insurance Carrier Occupational Tax Application

Food Truck Supplemental Form

Pain Management Clinics Form

Secondhand Dealers Permit Application (Background Check Required)

Solicitor Permit Application (Background Check Required)

Massage and Spa Application (Background Check Required)

Massage Work Permit Application (Background Check Required)

Escort Services Regulatory Permit Application (Background Check Required)

Taxi Cabs Permit Application  (Background Check Required)

Vehicle for Hire Packet

Taxi Cabs Permit Background Check

Background Checks

Background checks are conducted by the Dunwoody Police Department only on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm.

Additional Helpful Information

Chapter 10 Ordinance: Provides information regarding business occupation tax licenses and the Dunwoody Ordinance regulating business licenses.


All Dunwoody License Documents


  1. 2014 Direct Insurance Carrier Occupational Tax Application
  2. 2014 Occupational Tax Certificate Application
  3. Alcohol Beverage Package or Consumption License Application
  4. Alcohol Beverage Wholesaler or Importer License
  5. Background Check Consent Form
  6. Beer Tasting Permit Application
  7. Change of Address Notification
  8. Change of Information
  9. Closed or Sold Business
  10. Contact Information for Businesses
  11. Dunwoody Massage and Spa Application
  12. Escort Services Regulatory Permit
  13. E-Verify Affidavit FAQ
  14. E-Verify Affidavit_Less than 10 Employees
  15. E-Verify Affidavit_More than 10 Employees
  16. Food Truck Supplemental Form
  17. Frequently Asked Questions
  18. Home Occupation Supplemental Form
  19. Hours of Sale For All Alcoholic Beverages
  20. KPI Q4 - Report
  21. Massage Work Permit
  22. Nonprofit Special Event Temporary Alcohol Permit
  23. Non-Resident Alcoholic Beverage Catering License Application
  24. Occupational Tax Certificate Checklist
  25. Occupational Tax General Information
  26. One Day Sunday Sales
  27. Pain Management Clinics
  28. Patio Permit
  29. Personnel Statement
  30. Pouring Permit Application
  31. Pouring Permit Renewal Application
  32. Registered Agent
  33. Resident Alcoholic Beverage Catering License Application
  34. SAVE Affidavit
  35. SAVE Affidavit FAQ
  36. Secondhand Dealers Permit Application
  37. Solicitor Permit
  38. Special Event Temporary Alcohol Permit
  39. Taxi Cabs Permit Application
  40. Taxi Cabs Permit Background Check
  41. Type B - Home Occupation Supplemental Form
  42. Vehicle for Hire Packet
  43. Wine Tasting Permit Application